Added value – and more

Just back from London’s yearly Design Festival.

Terrible – and fantastic. Like the rest of the overgrowing flora of design weeks around the globe (there are around 100 of them now) this one has it’s base in a conventional furniture fair. Companies presenting news of the season. Thousands and thousands of brand stands – soo boring. Why should I care to examine so many new things? I don’t! Who needs them …

But the London Design Festival – started some ten years ago with 100% Design and Designer’s Block – always had some more to it. Experimental installations, controversial discussions, intriguing exhibitions. The 2012 version was no exception with quality events like the Added Value exhibition (produced by British Crafts Council), the one day conference Global Design Forum and very to the point seminar Design Festivals – Who Needs Them? (scroll down to Thurs 20, 13.00). The latter held at Designjunction – 120,000 sq ft raw industrial space, centrally located, which actually succeeds in balancing creative and commercial in a laid back, to me attractive way.

More to follow. In the meantime download the Added Value catalogue in full here. Read it! I will – not in the least as a suitable preparation for the discussion with Nina Björk in Gothenburg (se earlier Köp dig fri blog post) next Sunday 30/9. Contemporary craftsmanship as the future of luxury – a refreshing take on Marxism!

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