A mine above the ground

One might think that banana peels or an old apple won’t save you any money. But the price differs dramatically between compostable waste and waste that hasn’t been sorted at all.

The Bin – a waste bin made for recycling out of recycled materials  by recently launched company Mines Above Ground – is making use of that. Primarily the Bin is intended for hotels and offices but it can be used also in other environments, of course, like private homes, public spaces, hospitals and so on.

Mines Above Ground aims to offer as environmentally friendly products as possible, but without compromising with looks. The “muesli look” that often appears on environmentally friendly products is not in line with their aesthetics, they declare. All materials in The Bin are recycled to an as high percentage as possibly, and can be recycled again.

The possible gains are huge. For a company with 150 kg of waste per year going from 20 per cent of sorting to 80 per cent the savings during a ten year period are in the area of one million Swedish crowns.  And – if every Swedish household recycled two more toothpaste tubes and two more shampoo bottles per year than is done today, this would gain enough energy to heat 300 homes

Mines Above Ground is a design and production company focused on waste management in general and the benefits of recycling in particular. It was founded in 2012 by Liv Andersson, Petra Lilja and Jenny Nordberg and is based in Malmö, Sweden. Lilja and Nordberg already work with related ideas in well known Apokalyps Labotek.

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