From Ö to OekoTex

Örjan Andersson, “jeans professor” and founder of Cheap Monday, has started over. After international success with the slim Cheap Monday jeans, and a lucrative selling of the company to Swedish H&M group he is now launching a brand in his own name. Starting out this spring with a handful of jeans and t-shirt models in a clean street-rock-look.

“I’ve worked with jeans for 20 years so it feels natural and very inspiring to launch a jeans collection in my own name”, ÖA told Rodeo. By now he has left Cheap Monday completely, handing over the creative direction to Ann-Sofie Back. Helpful on the new brand has been illustrator/designer Emeli Mårtensson of 5preview and stylist Naomi Itkes. The Örjan Andersson brand to start with sells in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Copenhagen, and soon in London.

We like the down to earth simplicity of the Ö to A collection – as well as the OekoTex®100-tag inside the garments. This European standard certifies healthy textiles, free from harmful substances. Even better had been the OekoTex®1000-tag, which ensures also a good production ecology. Which means the effects of production processes on man and the environment, like operational safety, material, water and energy consumption, wastewater and waste treatment. Hope for that in the next Ö to A collection!

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