Second life in Milan – and Byarum

In Milan – where everyone is gathered this week during Salone del Mobile – there is a discussion today 5.30 pm at Via Voghera, titled “recycled materials: just a trend?” Not such a strange question, recycling is a fuzzy theme.

For instance. What do we recycle mostly? Answer: packaging. Products – not so often. Interviewed for Köp dig fri! Swedish designers Petra Lilja and Jenny Nordberg of Apokalyps observed how often the word “recyclable” is used in connection with everyday products. How seldom “recycled”. Sic.

Among the participants in the Milan discussion today is Marco Capellini, manager of ReMade in Italy, an organization working to increase all sorts of recycling. We’re fairly sure his answer to the question above will be a NO. Recycled materials are NOT just a trend. But the real development has only just started. The web site of ReMade in Italy shows that clearly. And the really fruitful meetings between recycling industrialists and designers have hardly happened at all.

So we realize that Swedish company Byarums Bruk is quite avant-garde – even if it sells garden furniture designed a hundred years ago, as well as more contemporary pieces. In both cases the main material is 100% recycled aluminum – which can be melted again and again without losing quality. Even the sand for casting is old, in use since 60 years. And the company cherishes good design, working with Swedish celebs like Signe Persson-Melin and Mårten Cyren.

Pics: Big planting pots from Byarums Bruk. Vid Blom, design Mårten Cyren (top) and Gråsippa, design Signe Persson-Melin (bottom).

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  1. I am lookin to buy a few awesome outside furniture (chiase
    lounges, talbe/chairs, etc.) for my outside pool area. I’ve usually loved the outdoor furniture that high end hotels have. Does anyone understand where I can buy this stuff?.


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