Through a glass brightly

Transparency, what does it mean? The answer is easy. Just like you expect to know a lot about the food you eat – where the milk or meat or vegetables come from, how they’ve been produced – the same goes for material possessions. Fashion, furniture, stuff.

But is it possible? To know and to show everything? Of course. Even if just asking the question seems strange, if you never tried it before.

Belgian designer Bruno Pieters, former art director of Hugo Boss avant-garde line Hugo, has shown it works. In January 2012 he launched new brand Honest by, offering ”complete transparency in price and manufacturing, creating a new paradigm in fashion and retail”. Claiming to be ”the world’s first 100 % transparent company”. That last statement might not be totally true. There ARE others. Like Danish interiors brand Mater, as well as all the companies working with European organisation Made by. But that’s hardly a problem. The more numerous the players in this league the better.

Besides Bruno Pieters the collections of Honest by are designed by Calla Haynes, Paris based, Toronto born. July 5th Honest by will reveal the name of a new guest designer, who ”has been in the industry for almost a decade and is one of Paris most respected.”

After leaving Hugo Boss in February 2011 Bruno Pieters travelled India, but also found time to work on a collaboration with the brand Weekday, owned by Swedish group H&M.

Pics: Bruno Pieters for Weekdays (top), Calla Haynes for Honest by (bottom).

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