The Play must go on!

Play is a fundamental human activity. A creative force that affects actions, artifacts and environments. For the first time students from the international master’s programme Child Culture Design at HDK – School of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg, exhibit their ideas. ”Play in progress” will be shown at the Furniture Fair in Milan, 17-22 April.

Most interesting – the students aren’t focusing only products. Instead they’re exploring from a Child Culture perspective communicative aspects as well as built-in stories in artifacts and environments. All we need is a play signal, says the HDK press release. What signals can attract both adults and children? What if your playground is a dump? Are all materials acceptable to play with? How can light and sound give new dimensions to public spaces?

More from the release: ”Imagine order in chaos. Explore what you can do with wood bricks and a coffee table, how you can use a table to trigger storytelling, play in the living room, secret cabins and artifacts for both relaxation and play.” Maybe Toys aren’t us – but play is? Location for ”Play in progress” in Milan is Ventura Lambrata. Later in 2012 the exhibition will tour Sweden.

Pictured above: One of the ”social swings”, designed by Swedish No Picnic, shown at last year’s Furniture Fair in Milan, Spring 2011.

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