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March 15. Today is World Consumer Rights Day, held yearly since the 1960:ies, inspired by a John F Kennedy speach, 1962. But consumer’s rights still aren’t well respected, not even well known, Jan Bergtoft, secretary general of the Swedish organization Sveriges Konsumenter, says in a statement. ”Consumers are expected to make conscious choices but the information they get is confusing, rambling, biased and sometimes even misleading.” And he concludes it’s now time for politicians and business leaders to make some real change. We agree. March 14. Good design isn’t only about well studied function but as much about emotions. To create relations between object and user, so things aren’t so easily thrown away. The Plug lamp, designed by Swedish trio Form Us With Love, has it all. Interesting function – not only a source of light but also a socket for charging laptops or phones – and a long lasting, lovable form. March 13. Gathered in Istanbul are 100 Ikea employees from 20 unions in 14 different countries, with the joint ambition to found a global union. The dream is about similar conditions and regulations in all Ikea workplaces, no matter where they are in the world. Top demand is the right to engage in unions. A right that’s been exercised in Ingvar Kamprad’s homeland Sweden since 1886. Shouldn’t the same right exist everywhere? February 28. Extremely cool – and produced under transparent conditions – are these slippers from Docksta in northern Sweden. A family business run since 1923, where shoes still are manufactured by hand. This new model, designed by inimitable Mats Theselius, crosses the looks of urban, steady brogues and lazy slippers. Elegant, and comfortable for the broad-footed too.

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