”Indecently cheap products always hide a tragedy”.

”A lot of attempts have been made during the last decades to grip the problems of sustainability, mostly from a green angle. Usually that means what companies can do to produce environmentally better and more sustainable products. In Köp dig fri! we have focused another angle. Here we tackle the situation from the perspective of the consumer.

In that light you don’t see mainly the ideal ambitions or the ideally produced items – instead you see the whole landscape of products, the landscape of consumerism that any ordinary buyer is confronted with. As a consumer you can’t avoid all the warnings and alarms in the everyday news. Alarms about terrible working conditions in faraway production plants, about poisonous emissions. As a consumer, how am I supposed to connect this kind of information to the products I’m confronted with in the shops, including the ones I’m actually buying – that was one of the questions we set out to answer. Because the connections are there, and we all know it.”

This is how we started our presentation of Köp dig fri! at Designboost in Stockholm in Februari. Read more from the talk by clicking here: Boost Talk.

Photographer: Annika af Klercker/SvD/SCANPIX

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